From Baroque to Bop and Beyond


From Baroque to Bop and Beyond: An extended and detailed history of the intersection of classical music and jazz

 By Lynn René Bayley

 Quite possibly the best book you will ever read on the cross-influence of classical music and various forms of jazz from the ragtime era to the present. Lynn Bayley leave no stone unturned in her pursuit of the best and most interesting cross-influences of each era. Here are some professional testimonials:

“What an epic tome! Very detailed and precise!”—Miles Osland, Director of Jazz Studies and Professor of Saxophone at the University of Kentucky

“Hats off! to Lynn René Bayley for her history/study of the combining, conflicting, enhancing relations between the music called Classical and the music called Jazz. Eminently informative, interesting, and enjoyable reading.”—Alonzo Levister, composer of Manhattan Monodrama, Slow Dance, Blues on the Subway and The Happy Hypocrite

“I think the book is great! You should be very proud of it.”—Byron Olsen, composer of Sketches of Miles and Sketches of Coltrane

“I can’t get enough of your book! Most of the chapters have so much interesting information, are so well written, and are coupled with such astute observations and interesting opinions that I want to read them more than once!”—Charles Ruggiero, classical-jazz composer, Professor of Composition and Music at the Michigan State University College of Music

“There is so much here that I don’t know but that I should know, and want to know more about.”—David Balakrishnan, violinist-composer, founder of the Turtle Island String Quartet

“There are things in the book that I can relate to, both artistically and historically, it’s an interesting read!  As I am a big fan of Ragtime, New Orleans jazz, Mingus, Monk, Latin jazz, Cuban jazz etc. but I am ALSO a fan of dissonant modern classical music at the same time and I am AS WELL indeed very crazy about flamenco and world & folk music.”—Sophie Dunér, jazz composer and singer

“As for your glorious book, I am still reading segments – they are dense with fascinating information – I’m amazed at your scope of research, intriguing details and enjoy your occasional wry comments!”—Bunny Beck, jazz pianist and composer

“It is an encyclopedic labor of love. You have a unique perspective on this material based on your wide listening experience, and you are quite outspoken in your opinions.”—Bruce Wolosoff, jazz-classical composer and pianist

01 – Chapter List
02 – Preface
03 – I. Why Search for Consensus
04 – II. The First Wave _1916-1925
05 – III. The Second Wave _1926-1935
06 – IV. Liberal-Communist War on Jazz
07 – V. Swing-Good Bad and Commercial _1935-1944_
08 – VI. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
09 – VII. The Emergence of Bop _1945-1953_
10 – VIII. Jazz Concertos, Cool Jazz, Modern _1954-1962
11 – IX. Surviving Free Jazz _1962-1974_
12 – X. George Russell
13 – XI. Charles Mingus
14 – XII. Fighting Against Fusion _1974-1990_
15 – XIII. Revivals and Recreations – Sociology of Ja…
16 – XIV. Hanging in There _1990-2005_
17 – XV. Nikolai Kapustin
18 – XVI. Moving On _2005-2015
19 – XVII. Daniel Schnyder
20 – XVIII. Conclusions and Observations
21 – Index
22 – The Recordings

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