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June 7, 2019

My dear readers:

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted many reviews lately. The sad truth is that the nature of classical and jazz reviewing has changed once again, and not necessarily for the good.

My major distributor of the albums I review has decided to send out as few physical CDs as possible. Now, I normally review most of these recordings from downloads or streaming anyway (I often mention it in the reviews), but there always seem to be eight to ten items per month that are not available for streaming or download. In the past I was fortunate enough to get at least some of these as physical CDs, but that will no longer be the case.

The other side of the problem is that most of the recordings I choose to review, which are often non-repertoire items and modern music, aren’t available at all for download or streaming. This is because, I have learned, that these labels choose not to share sound files, booklets and/or album art with my distributor. They want the promotion my distributor affords, but they then want everyone, including the critics, to pay for the recordings. And this, sadly, I cannot afford to do.

Therefore I must tell you that the number of my reviews will unfortunately be limited from this point on. I have discovered, by prodding and poking around, that a few of them are available for free streaming on YouTube, Freegal and occasionally on Spotify. When that is the case, I will indeed review them, but when it is not I will endeavor to give you reviews of excellent music and/or performances that I believe are worthy of your attention. I assure you that no one is more frustrated by this than I am. My very existence revolves around great music, and I look forward to the listening experience.

Another reason for the reduction in reviews, however, has been a decrease in quality music and performances being offered to me. I have turned down or passed over a fairly large number of classical recordings because they are 1) of standard repertoire I’ve heard a hundred times and have no desire to revisit, 2) interesting older works whose impact is absolutely ruined by the nonsensical and ahistoric religion of Straight Tone and “original instruments,” or 3) the growing number of soft classical or “ambient classical” music, which I cannot stomach. In jazz, much the same thing is happening. I can’t tell you how many whispery singers are making records nowadays of such-and-such music “from the heart” and calling it “jazz,” or how even well-known jazz artists are softening their approach to cash in on the current trend in wimpy, uninteresting music. I’ve also turned down a fairly large number of “innovative” jazz orchestras who sound like Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band of the 1960s and ‘70s.

This blog has always been about the very best in music and its performance; this aesthetic is also reflected in my Penguin’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Classical Music which is an adjunct of it. And I will doggedly fight to only bring you the very best music and performances.

So please bear with me as I and the recording industry adapt to these changes. Rest assured that, until and unless you see a posting telling you that I have passed on to the other side, I am still here and still digging up great music for you.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience!







You’ll love it! Or you won’t!
Now complete all the way through Composers – X/Y/Z! Click on the link above to access it!

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Toscanini In and Of His Time

An approach to Arturo Toscanini’s conducting style and musicianship in a different light. A work in progress, I’ve uploaded the first six segments for your enjoyment (I hope). Feedback appreciated. Now complete through the year 1952 and including a facsimile of the 1950 NBC Symphony-Toscanini Tour Booklet. Now complete through my final posting, “The Toscanini Recordings – 2.”


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12 thoughts on “Welcome to my little space on the Net!

  1. bob says:

    Sounds like the perfect site to get one self oriented and off ine right direction to experience these genres of music. Tnanks for taking this project on and so willingly sharing. Bob in Canada. PS: I learned of your site via Marie Lamb on Facebook.


  2. My thanks to EVERYONE who has been visiting my site and reading my reviews! My stats are way up, which makes me very happy, and more importantly, helps the wonderful artists I write about. Now if only I can get the jazz people to read the classical posts and vice-versa!


  3. This is very interesting, You’re a very
    skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward
    to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!


  4. Sala Ponnech says:

    After watching the video of Turandot with Corelli and Udovich, I looked her up online because I had never heard of her before. That’s how I found your comments about her singing. I don’t know if she is the best Turandot ever but she sang In questa reggia with as little screaming as possible. I’m not a musician, but even I can comprehend what a fiendish piece of music it is.


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