Toscanini In and Of His Time


Here is something new that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years: a series of extended articles, that I may live to expand into a full book (but don’t count on it…I’m 67 years old and not in the best of health), detailing the performances and working methods of Arturo Toscanini. I’ve read almost every book written about the Maestro, but except for Robert Charles Marsh’s book, none have even attempted to do what I am trying to convey here: an analysis not only of Toscanini’s musical style and the ways in which it evolved, but also a comparison of Toscanini performances to other great conductors of his time. In addition, I have used recordings made by singers and orchestras trained under Toscanini during the years in which he did not record to suggest his approach to works at that period of time. You may or may not agree with me, but I’ve spent a lifetime listening to, analyzing, and comparing Toscanini performances from every nook and cranny of his huge discography, and I think I am on to something.

Of course I welcome your feedback on this project. You can write me at artmusiclady (at) with questions or comments.

Here are the essays (I loath to call them chapters, at least not yet) that I’ve written so far:

Toscanini In and Of His Time

Toscanini I

Toscanini II

Toscanini III

Toscanini IV

Toscanini V

Toscanini VI


Toscanini VII

Toscanini VIII

Toscanini IX

Toscanini X

1950 Toscanini-NBC tour booklet

Toscanini and Singers

Toscanini XI

Toscanini XII

The Toscanini Recordings I

The Toscanini Recordings 2