Perelman & Shipp On Their Collaboration

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Since I was one of the very first to review the new Ivo Perelman-Matthew Shipp album scheduled for release early next month (you can find that review HERE), I didn’t feel it would be right to do a second review. Instead, I thought it would be nice, and interesting to my readers, for Ivo to answer two basic questions:

  1. What is it about playing with Matthew Shipp that always seems to special? He really seems to bring out the best in you. And
  2. How is it that this CD came out so perfectly?

Mr. Perelman was kind enough to give me an excellent answer as well as an overview to his playing, as follows:

Matthew Shipp has in equal parts, an instinctual ability and desire to advance the logical music structures of our time along with the components that has served great musicians throughout history: mercurial ears, refined great taste and a masterful understanding of form, rhythm, melody and harmony.

I myself was exposed to and absorbed all these pillars of great music making while growing up in Brazil from  other genius music makers (like Heitor Villa Lobos, Bach, Chopin, Scarlatti, Pixinguinha and Paul Desmond) which paved the way for a future “chance” encounter with a master like Mr Shipp.

I believe that “Fruition” is a breakthrough recording in our already extensive recording career because Matthew is this incredible responsive player that will take anything you put on the table and always take it to the next level.

So for the past 2 years , after I had my sax mouthpiece of a lifetime broken and I was forced to embark on a journey searching a suitable replacement piece, I revised and perfected many technical fundamentals of music making.

Matthew just responded to this subtle change of sound physics of the new mouthpiece and further advanced our already highly ever-evolving symbiotic musical relationship.

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Even nicer, he was kind enough to ask Matthew Shipp the same questions, to which he answered as follows:

Ivo and i are brothers . We share a very similar set of things we want to do. We both have classical music backgrounds and have a completely open mind about how to organically deal with classical and jazz language in one piece as if it comes out of the same matrix.

We both experienced the full impact of romanticism in music at a young age but have searched hard to use romanticism in a very disciplined way .We both have felt the import of the linear aspect of bebop at a young age and being that the language we speak is free jazz – we have both sought to have a free jazz universe that extends in the same logical way that Charlie Parker’s music unfolds. We both have felt the full weight of the Coltrane universe at a very young age but realized that in some ways it is a dead end and that we would have to dig very deep to come up with something new that does not sound like we are on our knees worshiping Coltrane . We both love to explore so many various aspects of so many different types of music all with a mind to synthesize it into our our own unique brand of playing . 

As far as this recording all i can say is that our language gets deeper and deeper and deeper .


         Matthew Shipp

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So there you have it, straight from the artists themselves. I really don’t think that any review or liner notes could be more eloquent than that. And as a bonus, Mr. Perelman was kind enough to send me these great photos of he and Mr. Shipp together. The smiles on their faces in the first photo (at top), I think, says it all. It really is a joy for them to play together, and in this CD that joy has truly come to…Fruition.

—© 2022 Lynn René Bayley

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